End the Fed, The Raven of Zurich, The Creature from Jekyll Island.. Book Reviews – Video

it’s Tuesday May 31st 2016 i’ll be talking about my book list today is
going to be a part 1 I can’t go through all of them so i’ll just start right
away with the first one here is called The Raven of zurich the met the memoirs
of felix summary and very interesting book and I read a little bit from the
inside flap on the book and it says field Felix summary known in his
lifetime as the Raven of zurich for his dire but actually predictions of the
future let a life of action as banker social thinker diplomat and relent this
back layer for the integrity of currencies as the key to democratic
survival born an imperial vienna in 1881 he was trained in the renowned Vienna
school of economics and then had an adventurous banking career with the
anglo-australian bank amid Balkan intrigued that preceded the First World War

Will the Fed be Blind Sided by Stagflation?

Most Central Bank watchers know that our Federal Reserve has a dual mandate of stable prices in the context of maximum employment. But its use of the words “stable and maximum” is somewhat misleading. For instance, one would assume that “stable” inflation would lead the Fed to pursue no change in prices and “maximum” employment would be a rate targeted at 0 percent unemployment; but this is not the case.
For some antithetical economic reason central bankers have unanimously redefined stable prices as adopting a 2 percent inflation target. The Fed has also morphed the term maximum employment rate to mean a 5-6 percent unemployment rate, clinging to the misguided belief that full employment is the progenitor of inflation, despite no supporting economic or historical evidence.

10 Questions About our Broken Financial System

Bonds look like a bubble in search of a pin. What if global bonds are revalued lower to account for the following?

Probability of repayment in a currency that will maintain its purchasing power for the lifetime of the bond.
Probability of responsible fiscal management by the governments of the bond issuing countries.
Probability of repayment without rolling over those bonds by creating EVEN MORE UNPAYABLE
Actual positive yield.

Here’s Where the TSA Got This One Wrong

My wife hates to fly. It’s not the planes that bother her, although she’s no fan of turbulence. It’s the security process. There’s something about passing through a low-level X-ray machine that can see through your clothes that gives her the willies. Who can blame her?
And then there’s the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) agents themselves. Why is it that six or seven seem to be just hanging out while three of them work one security machine, as 200 people wait in line?

3 Years Of Painful Cuts Sets Oil Markets Up For Serious Supply Crunch

Total global oil production could decline for the next several years in a row as scarce new sources of supply come online.

According to data from Rystad Energy, overall global oil output will fall this year as natural depletion overwhelms all new sources of supply. But the deficit will only widen in the years ahead due to the dramatic scaling back in spending on new exploration and development.

EU Referendum – British People vs Establishment Elite, Vote LEAVE an Act of Defiance!

The battle lines of the EU Referendum clearly breakdown into two distinct camps, on the one side you have the LEAVE under funded under dogs, that comprise maverick politicians and small businesses, and the mass of the electorate, especially appealing to the low paid working class Labour voters, and to a lesser extent the Tory voting working and middle classes who have seen their earnings decimated as a consequence of 5 million EU workers driving down wages. Against which are marshaled the forces of the establishment, those who have literally held or bought REAL power for centuries! The rich, big business, big media and their pocket politicians with numerous vested interests such as the Farmers who rake in hundreds of thousands of pounds in EU bribes (subsidies) each year to buy their support and votes.

Gold – Mr. Cool Cucumber is starting to Sweat

Since early February I have visually described my position and mental framework in the precious metals market as being “Cool as a Cucumber”. This has served me well as it has allowed me to stay invested as the move powered higher and many bailed to the sidelines expecting an early correction. Well now that we are into the first significant pullback lets see how Mr. Cucumber is doing and some of the market factors he is considering. Is he keeping his cool?

AMAT Chirps, b2b Ramps, Yellen Hawks and Gold’s Fundamentals Erode

If we are going to highlight improving fundamentals, which we did as gold out performed commodities and stock markets, then we also have to highlight and respect eroding fundamentals; no ifs, ands or buts.
The plain and simple fact is that the Semiconductor Equipment sector is firming, with the April Book-to-Bill (b2b) joining Applied Materials’ quarterly report noted in NFTRH 396’s opening segment as another bullish [economic] indicator. Semi Equipment was a leader to the general Semi sector in early 2013, which in turn led the economy and job creation. Our fundamental gold view improved in January 2016 as gold launched upward vs. global stock markets, joining its positive status vs. commodities.

"Gold Wars": Rothschild Banker Exposes Fraudulent Nature of Fiat Money

This is my NECO 64 the home alternative economics and contrarian thinking today
I’m gonna be talking about a great book the cold war’s the battle against sound
money as seen from a Swiss perspective by Ferdinand lips swiss bank where he
died in 2005 this book was written in 2001 and no I think it’s really
important that people know more about the monetary system and you know gold
and its place in the monetary system because that’s the only way we will be
able to change things and more and more people get to know about it you know for
example up until 2002 2005 just start

Long Live the Flags of Dixie!

On May 19, the House of Reprehensibles passed a proposal that would essentially ban the display of Confederate flags from national cemeteries.  The amendment was added to a Veteran Affairs spending bill.
Not surprisingly, House Speaker Paul Ryan allowed the measure to be voted upon in hopes of not disrupting the appropriations process.  Yes, by all means Paul, the redistribution of taxpayers’ confiscated wealth should take precedent over a draconian attempt to eradicate a heroic symbol of the country’s past.  Hopefully, Ryan will be ousted this November as both Speaker and Congressman for not only his consistent sell out to Obummer and the Democrats on the budget, but his lack of understanding and appreciation of what is arguably the most important period of American history.

Stock Market Re-Testing Overhead Resistance

Current Position of the Market
SPX Long-term trend: A lengthy correction is most likely underway!
SPX Intermediate trend: The H&S pattern has been invalidated and the index is re-testing the upper portion of its trading range.
Analysis of the short-term trend is done on a daily basis with the help of hourly charts. It is an important adjunct to the analysis of daily and weekly charts which discuss longer market trends.

David Cameron Questioned on Out of Control Immigration at TEN TIMES Conservative Election Pledges

When David Cameron took power in 2010 he promised that he would cut net immigration by 2015 to the tens of thousands from the then disastrous annual figure of 205,000, a promise like a mantra he tended to repeat each year, instead the latest data from the ONS shows that net immigration remains OUT OF CONTROL at levels far higher level than 2010’s disastrous figure that today stands well above 300k and trending towards 400k per annum. Remember this is ACCUMULATIVE 300k+330k+400k, would total a net immigration population increase of 1 million in JUST 3 YEARS! Which would be in addition to natural population growth running at about 400k per annum.