FED Guidance Like Flying in Bermuda Triangle

Last week, I thought from what I was reading on my volume indicators, (showing that money was leaving the S&P 500) that the market would fall on the FOMC news Wednesday. WRONG! Here I am flying in the Bermuda Triangle!
A few weeks ago, I related how last year was so difficult trading the market for me. The normal 10,20,30, 40 week cycle lows are not acting like they used to. I had surmised that the normal 20 week (100 trading day +/- 15-16%) low would not be the dominant low, but that it would likely come in April instead. March 11 proved to be the 100 trading day low and we fell less than 4% top to bottom! But, because of volume indicators like OBV, Money Flow and Chaiken Money Flow that are showing net money outflows (I’ll elaborate on these more next week), I thought this time might be different. WRONG!