FOMC Raises US Interest Rates, Market Reacts in Mood Swings

The stock market indices had a topsy-turvy day with the FOMC meeting taking place as they raised interest rates. The day started out with a move to the upside, they met resistance, backed off to test support, held, and although the S&P 500 made lower lows, the Nasdaq 100 did not. They then ran up into the FOMC. At that point, they made a little bit of a pop, and then went down in a steep slide, a big rally ensued, they went down in another steep slide, held support on the Nasdaq 100, but not on the S&P 500. A very sharp rally took them back almost near the rally highs, and then in the last 20-25 minutes they took a plunge into the close, and finished very ugly on the day.