Greece Settled….Mostly Anyway…. Stock Market Off The Bottom Of Its Range

The weekend was full of fast-moving news regarding Greece. Some of the news was good and some was not so hopeful. As the weekend went on and the euro zone continued to play hard ball, it was clear Greece recognized they had to blink first or completely go belly up. The Euro-zone leaders knew they had somewhat of the upper hand and refused to blink. Good for them. Bad behavior should never be rewarded. The people of Greece were held hostage to that bad behavior. It’s not hard to feel bad for them, but in the end, they were also without much of a good choice. It’s not etched in stone yet, but it appears Greece sees no alternative but to accept what the Euro zone is offering. If that is the case, then we can close the books on a wild few weeks of volatility based on every piece of news that comes our way.