Greece Votes for Syriza Hyperinflation – Threatening Euro-zone Collapse or Perpetual Free Lunch

Greeks vote for Syriza as the largest party on 36.5% that puts the radical left party within a couple of seats of securing a majority of 151 seats in Greece’s 300 seat parliament which includes automatically getting allotted an extra 50 seats Syriza rather than to seek to form another coalition government that tend to be the norm in Greece. The people of Greece having had enough of near 5 years of economic austerity that had yet to fully succeed in correcting the preceding decade long partying spending and corrupt kickbacks binge at the euro-zones expense. Now the people of Greece have effectively done a deal with the devil that promises to return Greece to the good old party days of rampant debt printing (fake government debt statistics) and corrupt governance all without the consequences of accelerating double digit inflation as a consequence of being within the euro-zone.