Nasdaq 5000

It took fifteen years to make the round trip from 5000 plus down to 1100 back to 5000 on the Nasdaq. Most thought we’d never get back to that lofty level of 5000 after looking in to the eyes of 1100. The average trader, and especially the long-term holder, was devastated. All hope was lost for the most part by the majority of people. I don’t think there’s anyone reading this letter that thought the bubble that had burst would get back to a bubble again. But here we are. The glory of the froth bubble is back with us, but under different circumstances. Ms Yellen, and the rest of her global gang members, are protecting their markets through liquidity and rates, thus, it’s very complicated when determining from what level this puppy will finally crash from. It will crash out some day, but to this point in time there are still no classic signs of that happening. I will discuss that in a bit.