Sheffield School Places Admissions Crisis – End of Catchment Areas Labour Election Bribe?

The Labour controlled Sheffield City Council is desperately attempting to address the perfect storm that the city faces as the demand for places at Sheffield’s best state schools far exceeds places available that for some schools is resulting in twice the number of applications as there are places (i.e. Dobcroft Infants Sch. places 90, applications 150). The perfect storm is as a consequences of several converging factors of year on year real terms budget cuts at a time of a rising natural birth rate, continuing out of control immigration and its consequences in terms of disruption of social cohesion in areas of the city, desperate parents utilising every trick under the sun to circumvent the catchment area rules such as encouraging over eager psychologists to expand the scope of the Special Educational Needs statements (SEN’s) that for some schools has now been expanded to include 1/3rd of all children, and an epidemic in outright fraudulent school applications in terms of use of catchment area addresses.