The Central Bank Takeover of Brazil – Video

hi it’s monday $MONTH $DAY august 15 2016 monaco 64 here home of alternative
economics and contrarian views this morning I want to talk about the central
bank takeover of Brazil and I guess with the Olympics going on in real right now
it’s an interesting subject i was born in Brazil actually in 1964 so that was actually the year as well that there was a military coup in brazil and they overthrew a
democratically-elected president goulart you know when you read through wikipedia
you know the story is that he was left wing and the United States was scared
that he was going to fall into the under the influence of Castro in Cuba and so
the military in Brazil with the help of the United States overthrew his
government around in April April time 1964 so that’s the story we’re given
that he was a socialist he was gonna you know like take over everything even
though you look at you read about the guy who owned gloire he was actually..