The Trump Reset – Regime Change, Russia the Over Hyped Fake News SuperPower (Part1)

This is the first of a two part in-depth analysis that seeks to forecast key mega-trend geopolitical consequences of the Trump Reset. Part 2 "The US Military Empires Coming War on China" will also be posted here later today. Trump’s US election win amounts to a pressing of the reset button on that which has passed for at least the past 40 years. Which demands a reappraisal of virtually everything to ascertain not just the impact of Trump but the trend reversal / rebellion underway amongst Western populations against the ruling elites that will impact on the mega-trend drivers of financial market trends for many years if not decades to come. Mega-trends such as climate change, war and emerging technologies such as AI, as a 40 year system based on lies piled on top of lies piled on top of even more lies resulting in delirious populations that were ripe for the likes of BrExit in the UK and Trump as my post US election video attempted to explain why delirium played a key part in Trump’s election win which this in-depth analysis acts as a continuation of.