The Trump Reset, US Empire’s Coming Economic, Cyber and Military War With China (2/2)

This is Part 2/2 of my comprehensive analysis on the implications of the Trump Reset of why Trump will War on China both economically and militarily. Part 1 dealt with why Trump represents regime change in the US, and the role Putin’s Russia, the Fake News SuperPower played in his election victory and what Russia can expect in gratitude going forward – Regime Change, Russia the Over Hyped Fake News SuperPower (1/2)
The reality is that the United States and much of the rest of the West have effectively been employing hundreds of millions of low paid chinese slave workers for decades, all without the labour laws or environmental consequences resulting in very cheap goods in western shops, low inflation maintenance of purchasing power for the western masses mostly for the purpose of buying the latest junk imports from Chinese factories designed by western corporations, and by doing so have completely transformed the Chinese economy from inconsequential GDP of $300bln 30 years ago to $12 trillion today, and thus exponentially strengthening a totalitarian state ruled by a communist dictatorship that increasingly seeks to spread its tentacles beyond its borders.