U.S. Dollar Strategic Backfire On U.S. Government Policy

It is very difficult to find a foreign policy deployed by the United States Govt that has been successful in recent years. In fact, almost all aggressive foreign policy initiatives have resulted in profound losses either in financial strategic position or in alliances with previous staid allied nations. They have almost uniformly backfired, while bravado has mixed with stupidity, while arrogance has blended with futility. The USGovt without given it thought, appears to be acting in reckless manner toward losing its entire set of advantages from a century. The nation has become hollowed out industrially by outsourcing, defrauded in housing mortgages, undermined in banks by derivatives, contaminated in USTreasury Bonds by the wildly applauded QE bond purchase wreckage, tarnished by exported terrorism, tainted by prevalent espionage, and shamed by reliance upon war to defend the USDollar. The US is fast becoming recognized as a rogue nations, but worse, as a nation with stupid leadership. The more aggressive the leadership led by the Manchurian sock puppet plus stage entourage and legion of legislators bound by bank donations, the more rapid the failures, the more rapid the development of USD workarounds, the more rapid the frayed lines to allies, the more rapid the isolation of a once great nation, the more rapid the systemic failure. Witness the climax of the Fascist Business Model, which almost no other analyst seems to emphasize or notice. The effect of fascism upon the financial platforms and economic structure has been profoundly negative. Like all fascist regimes, the attacks are directed to enemies first in direct thefts, then to allies in frauds recognized later, finally to the citizens in hidden pilferage and lost rights. The result is always the same, except for the rhyme of its ruin. The implosion is as loud as the escape flights for leaders, along with their protected off-shore accounts.