Yellen Plays Both Sides Again… Stock Market Doesn’t Trust Her….

The market had spent weeks ahead of the Jackson Hole, Wyoming speech by fed Yellen before making any type of move that included some volatility and a try higher with some force. The thinking was different depending on who you asked. Some thought she’d simply say nothing other than the usual, which was she’ll raise when it’s appropriate meaning she’s looking at the data that comes in from report to report. Others thought she’d definitely talk about raising rates in September. That she’d give a definitive date and then we’d see how the market responds. She played the middle ground. She’s very good at being vague. She said that employment is full, and that things are better and that rate hike is coming. We already know one is coming Ms. Yellen. But when? She didn’t say. Same old. She’ll see. When she feels like it she will.